2020-Aug: Cheyenne Lee Project taking shape

Future updates will be made under a blog for each project:

2020-Jul: Projects take a new direction

It has been a while since I have given a project status update for the Cheyenne Lee Project . There has been a delay in the project due to me changing job roles. I have no background in the new role. For this reason, I have been training for the position which starts in September. At the same time there have been a lot of new developments on the world stage like covid, George Floyd, BLM, Antifa, riots, defund the police, cancel culture, etc.

T-shirt Design

Although, I am not a conspiracy theorist, there does appear to be a coordinated effort to destroy our democracy as we know it. I happened to watch the old George Orwell movie 1984 and a snippet from a one of his documentaries. Where he was asked, paraphrasing, what would you recommend we do? His response was, “Don’t let it happen.”

This gave me the idea for a great T-Shirt. On the front, display a quote from the movie 1984, “How many fingers Winston?”. On the back, the quote from his documentary, “Don’t let it happen.” Then I got the idea to design and sell T-shirts supporting patriotic points of view.

Real News

Then every time I turned on the television, I would become enraged at the lies the main street media (MSM) were spewing and the violence . I have been praying about how I could help. Then another idea came to me. I should use my blog to share “real” news that is not being reported in the MSM.

While I was developing the idea, I started looking for a new domain name that would be fitting for combining these ideas. Somehow I landed upon the name Free The Lemmings. The idea behind this is that we need to free the minds of our lemming brothers and sisters that have been brainwashed by this nefarious agenda that has been perpetrated on them over the years.

The Movement and Mission

Now the plot thickens. The vision became starting a movement where the silent majority is no longer silent. One way they can speak their mind is to wear patriotic gear. The gear can illustrate various worthy points of views like, “You can’t cancel this”, etc. Then God revealed to me that the project is to have a duel meaning like many things in the Bible. He saved the best for last.

The devil has captured the minds of our lemming brothers and sisters. The ultimate vision is to free those minds from his grasp. So, I will be including T-shirts with messages in support of bringing people to Jesus. By wearing a T-shirt with a message of faith and hope, it could spark a conversation that might not otherwise happen. (INSERT QUOTE – Don’t hide your light) The blogs will show “real” news and point to the “only” solution, Jesus. The selling of the T-Shirts will support the mission.

Project Status

This brings a lot of the goals that I laid out earlier in the year together. Instead of learning how to do web development, I have hired someone to build the Free The Lemmings website. I have switched my direction to learning more about WordPress so that I can focus more on developing the content for the websites.

Things complete and in the works:

  • Created Free The Lemmings, LLC
  • Registered freethelemmings.com domain name
  • Retained an attorney to help with terms of use, privacy policies and other miscellaneous legal questions
  • Obtained services of an accountant for tax and bookkeeping questions
  • Hired web developers for freethelemmings.com
    • Working on temporary logos for the website(s)
  • Have hired graphic designers for T-shirt designs
  • Looking for content editors to help develop articles for my post ideas
  • Learning more about WordPress and SEO
  • Looking for a branding professional to help with some serious branding

Footnote: I didn’t really want to take this on. However, I prayed a simple prayer of how I could be a more effective soldier in God’s army. I haven’t a clue what I am doing. However, I heard someone say once, “When you hear from God, don’t ask how, just do.” So I will continue in this work until I hear from Him otherwise. God speaks to us in mysterious ways. Often we just fail to act upon what He is sharing with us. (INSERT link to poem Listen)


  • Create a contact page
  • Edit Poems for Book
    • Sent poems to editor. Have no writing background. Need to review editors suggestions and learn how to fix the technical errors. Publish the book when ready
  • Enable Shopping Cart
    • Need a shopping cart to sell poetry book
    • This will be done through Free The Lemmings website
  • Develop a Contribution Model
    • Make a plan on how others can get involved if they are inspired, motivated and believe in the mission
    • This will be done through Free The Lemmings website
  • Develop Motivation/Inspiration Page
    • Help others find the hope that I have been blessed with
    • God is my inspiration
    • Motivation pages will be done through zealous.com. This is the inspiration page.
  • Enable Feedback/Testimonials
    • Enable a way to provide testimonials on how something found may have helped
  • Accept Monetary Donations
    • The site should always be free. Work on a pay it forward basis. If it has helped pass it on. If it has “really” helped feel free to donate
    • Will accept donations through Free The Lemmings website
  • Develop Mission and Mission Page
    • Provide biblical principles on how to live a life full of zeal. Provide as many free resources as possible related to personal development. The site should always be free
    • Created mission statement, will post where necessary on site
  • Learn CSS, HTML, Javascript
    • Continue learning CSS and HTML. Start learning Javascript ASAP. Also work on the mission for the zealous.com website
    • Decided to hire developer and learn WordPress

2020-Feb: Splash Pages and blog Webpages Deployed

Created and deployed the landing pages for cheyennelee.me and zealous.com websites. Learned enough about WordPress to create a blog site for The Study Site, blog.thestudysite.org. Published some poetry and a tract collection called The Bible Has The Answer.

2020-Jan: First Webpage Deployed

While learning CSS & HTML, created and deployed first webpage on thestudysite.org. Added this second page, a timeline, where I will add accomplishments and future plans.

2020: Idea/Vision

Build The Study Site website into a Christian study and resource site. Turn zealous.com domain purchased in 1997 into a personal development website. Need to learn the latest in web development and start creating a detailed plan.